The Most Epic Movie Ever Made
25 päivää sitten
Gender Reveal Parties
Uukausi sitten
The Death of Laugh Tracks
Ellen's Fall from Grace
The Best and Worst Games on PS Now
Hilariously Weird Training Videos
The Console Wars
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Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well
A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers
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Disney Channel Musicals
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The Real Drew Gooden
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Are the Twitch Beggars Baiting Us?
YouTuber Books
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Recreating My Favorite Bad Tik Toks
This Movie Has Every Stereotype
This is Amanda's Channel Now
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What is Rick Lax doing?
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Trying Relationship Life Hacks
The JayStation Unraveling
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Jumping the Shark
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I'm Disappointed
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There Are Too Many Christmas Movies
I Auditioned For Kidz Bop
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Leaving the YouTube Bubble
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Insane How-To Videos from the 50s
Overwhelmed by Choice
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Losing Your Relatability
Arrested for Clout
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Is SNL Even Funny?
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Sequels That Aren't Sequels
Stuff Nobody Says
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Vin Diesel: King of Cringe
"Dark Secrets" on YouTube
Reacting To My Old Vines
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I Quit My Job To Do YouTube
Vine: Where Are They Now?
Top 10 Top 10 Lists
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Why Is YouTube Music So Bad?
Completely Pointless Life Hacks
Are We Really Doing This?
Smash or Pass: Family Edition
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Good cop/Bad cop
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The Problem With Gift Cards
The King of Vape
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The World's Greatest Magician
Sidharth Rao
Sidharth Rao 9 tuntia sitten
Why's he bragging about turning women gay? That sounds more of a roast than something to brag about.
Aurora Izabella
Aurora Izabella 9 tuntia sitten
for the 2.5M they had as budget they couldnt even fix that the woman can enter her so called house in the first scene lol, u can do that for free even if u just ask the people living there
Teemu M.
Teemu M. 9 tuntia sitten
These shows are job life. The judged play employers who fire anyone on a whim. But they also mock people by firing them in front of cameras. i think this is sick, unacceptable and needs to end
Murffist DE
Murffist DE 9 tuntia sitten
Every time I hear something about American service providers, I feel like I'm watching a British comedy show
RD Gamer
RD Gamer 9 tuntia sitten
Suits was stretched a little but the ending was awesome
Rainbo_Flash’s Dumb Channel
Rainbo_Flash’s Dumb Channel 9 tuntia sitten
My friends little sister made apple juice. Tasted good 😋
Freesmart 9 tuntia sitten
You can watch couple of channels where you can watch a movie with commericals and overpay it
cpk17 9 tuntia sitten
You can't convince me that the first two boys were actually Danny and drew in 2009
Jack Maradei
Jack Maradei 9 tuntia sitten
Sponsored by Playstation? Wtf felt like watching an ad
Ateeba Thomas
Ateeba Thomas 10 tuntia sitten
Fuck you idiot
Pablo van der Hulst
Pablo van der Hulst 10 tuntia sitten
I think when you shave Goobie down, first you get hagrid, then you get robbie coltrane
Nehal B
Nehal B 10 tuntia sitten
Road work ahead....
WinterSnoStorm 10 tuntia sitten
Drew looks so fuken tired or hes a vampire
spooky ho
spooky ho 10 tuntia sitten
Why do cancellation fees even exist, like-
Soup Rocks dude
Soup Rocks dude 10 tuntia sitten
Boltie 10 tuntia sitten
Drew, admit it... You smoke a fat one b4 doing a video, don't you? For some reason your content just clicks so well with me, yet we have little to nothing in common. ...besides rolling them fatties, am I right?!
aria larosa-peters
aria larosa-peters 10 tuntia sitten
omg that guy is so adorable
notveryserene 10 tuntia sitten
Hearing Sora’s voice not only in 2020 but also in a Drew Golden video really just wasn’t expected
spooky ho
spooky ho 10 tuntia sitten
I love how he mentioned Attaway General, that’s my favorite show 🥰
Mohsin Ali
Mohsin Ali 11 tuntia sitten
Where i lived in the US only had Spectrum internet, and maaaan, they’re straight up thieves.
Lorenzo & Eli
Lorenzo & Eli 11 tuntia sitten
oh jesus my uncle's name is andrew & his wife's name is amanda. drew can i call you my uncle?
tutu8896 11 tuntia sitten
hey tiger cruise was a good movie
Nal King
Nal King 11 tuntia sitten
i was facepalming the whole video oh my god
Lesedi Molefe
Lesedi Molefe 11 tuntia sitten
What I got from this video is that America is expensive
Richard Pongracz
Richard Pongracz 11 tuntia sitten
Ellen more like lesbian troll
Ramón Rivera Fireside
Ramón Rivera Fireside 11 tuntia sitten
drew gooden joins succhive
Lesedi Molefe
Lesedi Molefe 11 tuntia sitten
Both of these shows exist in Korea 😂 Edit: South Korea
Allison B
Allison B 11 tuntia sitten
i’m not sure why i laughed at boy got fish
Poncho_20XX 11 tuntia sitten
What throws me off is the fact that the hammer handle looks like a rubber pickle.
Lorenzo & Eli
Lorenzo & Eli 11 tuntia sitten
"just kidding im not gonna make out with you" annotation: "Maybe don't do that"
milk tea
milk tea 11 tuntia sitten
eating missghetti as i watch this
Nal King
Nal King 11 tuntia sitten
hahahahahhahaah the 'main character in a law enforcement series' sketch had me dead
s a l e m
s a l e m 11 tuntia sitten
Hey guys! Here's a really hilarious joke for you all (totally legal)! Anyone with an Amazon fire stick who wants to watch a show/movie you have to pay cable/netflix/hulu/disney+/etc. for, google "how to download Kodi on a fire stick". Then google ”how to download exodus/covenant/yoda on kodi for firestick". Then you can watch any show or movie you want! Isn't that the most hilarious joke ever?! Also, this is all alleged for entertainment purposes only! Happy watching! 😸💖 P.S. watch "The Boys" on prime video; it will become your new favorite show guaranteed!
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 11 tuntia sitten
“If you’re white you watch HGTV” Alright, ya caught me
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 11 tuntia sitten
this video has John Mulaney energy
Jere Mossy
Jere Mossy 11 tuntia sitten
bidding 35p and all the cat hair within my home for x1 Drew Gooden
CryptoDragon gaming
CryptoDragon gaming 11 tuntia sitten
In india it is 4$per month for the cable .😁😁
Mootney Vlogs
Mootney Vlogs 11 tuntia sitten
Gotta say Drew. I love you and all but even tho it's a dick move by them they are technically not doing anything wrong. Like sure you making stickers too is fine and a goo thing but those people did just make a good move
RapMastaC1 12 tuntia sitten
3:36 Brian Regan... is that you?
Lord CuckBucket
Lord CuckBucket 12 tuntia sitten
sometimes I wonder if Drew is the funny clone of John Mulaney
CryptoDragon gaming
CryptoDragon gaming 12 tuntia sitten
I use the Microsoft edge....
Lord CuckBucket
Lord CuckBucket 12 tuntia sitten
I'd wonder if your wife was related to me somehow but she's not but ugly so cant come from my fam lol
Pudge Kao
Pudge Kao 12 tuntia sitten
The only reason I got cable is for the South Park Pandemic special and so I can check in on how bad Disney Channel is every 2 months only to see that they keep getting worse.
Polk - E - Dot
Polk - E - Dot 12 tuntia sitten
mccartney wrote the melody, lennon wrote the lyrics. so youre both wrong. and youre both *terrible.*
Astro 12 tuntia sitten
You should watch b99
flutebrush 12 tuntia sitten
when I got a brother my mom just came up to me and said "hey you got a brother" and I was like "ok" and that was it. now he's six and very annoying
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 12 tuntia sitten
God loves all of us. Repent from your sins and put all your love and faith into Jesus
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 12 tuntia sitten
God loves all of us. Repent from your sins and put all your love and faith into Jesus
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 12 tuntia sitten
God loves all of us. Repent from your sins and put all your love and faith into Jesus
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 12 tuntia sitten
God loves all of us. Repent from your sins and put all your love and faith into Jesus
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 12 tuntia sitten
God loves all of us. Repent from your sins and put all your love and faith into Jesus
Isabella Demarko
Isabella Demarko 12 tuntia sitten
thank you
Ms12369 12 tuntia sitten
Drew cutting off his sentence while he awkwardly turns off the camera is a delightful detail that I absolutely adore
Gacha Forest
Gacha Forest 12 tuntia sitten
Tbh I dont think gender reveal parties should exist at all. They confuse gender with sex and they just enforce gender roles even more. Like bruh ur literally just giving ppl a reason to buy ur baby pink or blue clothes. _w h y ?_
Andrew Gannon
Andrew Gannon 12 tuntia sitten
Lol, I just bitch and moan....I’ve been paying the same price for cable and internet for the past 4ish years. They don’t give a rats ass about you paying more, they just want to get paid. Don’t be lazy people...complain and channel your inner Karen.
Soup Rocks dude
Soup Rocks dude 13 tuntia sitten
ginger barbies
boptothebottom 13 tuntia sitten
i zoned out while listening to this and near the end i looked back at it and noticed there's more toilet paper than at the start of the vid
McGama 13 tuntia sitten
I LOVED Xplay and Attack of the Show!
MonnoTea 13 tuntia sitten
7:28 guys it's h e r
an 13 tuntia sitten
Charles Graffam
Charles Graffam 13 tuntia sitten
I feel that she knows she doesnt look good in suits but wants to feel equal to guys so she does it anyway. Not bashing women, just Lilly.
Jamie Ferreira
Jamie Ferreira 13 tuntia sitten
Sports are the lifeline of cable
Lana Temby
Lana Temby 13 tuntia sitten
I like this video
WubZTech 13 tuntia sitten
His TV rant turned into a Spectrum rant
ajkcool 13 tuntia sitten
The Ninja voice clip insert really caught me off guard and it made me laugh so hard
안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago 13 tuntia sitten
Pluto TV is free AND they have free movies (plus channels) you get it as an app on your TV, tablet, phone, etc. it’s SUPER handy.
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help 13 tuntia sitten
Great video message.
Satyam Singh
Satyam Singh 13 tuntia sitten
with all the disrespect that my heart can muster, FUCK OFF.
Charles Graffam
Charles Graffam 14 tuntia sitten
They make me flat out flustrated. But wait, Ricecum has an In-home gym and is still the skinniest muffukka I ever seen, tf?
Tara Plamondon
Tara Plamondon 14 tuntia sitten
Bruh. If I even had $1 million I would be satisfied for life. I couldn’t handle being that filthy rich. What would I do with myself? Idk!
안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago
안녕 Jai K • 18 years ago 14 tuntia sitten
Portlandia and The Office is my favorite outta all of this list
Julia 14 tuntia sitten
This movie makes sense once u find out Kelsey grammer is a trump supporter
Fen Vulpeus
Fen Vulpeus 14 tuntia sitten
you didnt even get into the onion boy's books, holy shit
G Dawg
G Dawg 14 tuntia sitten
I don’t see anyone talking about the contracts you are forced to sign to get many television providers, not all but a lot. Working at ATT we were strong armed into pushing Directv and ATT Tv, along with much much more, so far that we would have to manipulate what it offers and the pricing. The manager was notoriously known for lying by not specifying there was a 2 year commitment and turning around when the customer comes back in. TV is a huge money maker and they’re the scummiest in the biz.
Contently Shane
Contently Shane 14 tuntia sitten
A Karen propped up to be “hip”
David Parrott
David Parrott 14 tuntia sitten
Love you football
Kyle Ikuma
Kyle Ikuma 14 tuntia sitten
Iridocyclitis guy’s name is Dev, and he’s in my class at Princeton University!!!
Lil KitKat
Lil KitKat 14 tuntia sitten
Tbh, I've never been into the video bf roleplay vids. It's uncomfortable having this stranger boy look at me. I personally recommend pure audio voice acting like Cardlin Audios or Yuuri Voice. I can imagine the characters talking to someone else, who isn't me 🙃
Wong Kahei
Wong Kahei 14 tuntia sitten
I think the reason he didn’t like Schitt’s creek is because he watched 3 completely random episodes lmao
Wong Kahei
Wong Kahei 14 tuntia sitten
But also I Love Lucy is better than any of these shows and I will stand by that
Viraat 14 tuntia sitten
id rather have a one room place...its easier to clean lol
Charles Graffam
Charles Graffam 14 tuntia sitten
Spectrum is bootycheeks. Have fun gettin a new service provider when you are done with them. Takes at least 2-3 months.